Daily schedule on Monday 8 March 2010

10:00–12:00Cross-country ski at La Plagne
12:00–17:00Glacier trekking at 3,600 feet, traverse across glacier
18:00–19:00Corrective treatment for all injuries

About this daily schedule

Before she sets out on her expedition, Elham has a very busy schedule to follow. Follow a date link to read what she’ll be doing on that day.

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From Elham’s journal


At 13:15 on 23 April 2010, my team mates and I dropped our sled harnesses and took our skis off one last time and stuck them upright in the snow at exactly 90 degrees latitude. A few moments later it had already moved and we scampered forward to capture the moment again, to look down at our GPS screen showing 90.00 00 000 000.

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