These items from the media and press relate to Elham Al-Qasimi’s North Pole expedition. In April 2010, Elham aims to be the first Arab woman to set foot at the northernmost tip of the world, making the trek ski-assisted and unsupported.

Emirati will be first Arab woman to reach North Pole

The National

The Al-Qasimi family agrees that Elham got her adventurous spirit from her father. But no one expected it to take her to this extreme. In April, Elham Al-Qasimi plans to become the first Arab woman to ski cross-country to the North Pole. Read the article | Download the PDF


UAE Female Emirati Arctic Adventurer!

NightLine radio interview

Elham Al-Qasimi talks about how she has gone from investment banking to working in social policy through investing and along the way is going to the North Pole!


Cold comfort

The National

Elham Al Qasimi may not be the first person to cross the Arctic, but come April, she’ll be the first Arab – and Emirati – woman to have done so. Once accomplished, the feat would put her in the company of similarly courageous women adventurers, including Amelia Earhart, who was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, and Valentina Tereshkova, the first female astronaut. Read the article


В абайе - на север

Rush magazine

Rush magazine interviews Elham about her North Pole expedition. Download the PDF


The first Arab female and UAE National to tackle the North Pole unassisted

Philadelphia's Inspiring Women campaign has featured Elham, saying that she "is a shining example of women who have the courage to break boundaries, challenge their own inner strength and inspire a nation." Read the article


“I want to make history – at the top of the world!”

Grazia Middle East

Grazia Middle East interviewed Elham for its March issue. Elham discussed her motivation for making the expedition saying that "If this attempt inspire even just a few of the UAE youth to pursue their own goals, physical or or otherwise, it will make the achievement worthwhile". Download the PDF


With solo North Pole trip, she wants to reach out to women

Gulf News featured Elham, emphasizing her "drive and ambition that inspires women to aim higher and reach further." Read the article | Download the PDF


Press release: The first Arab female and UAE National to tackle the North Pole…

Elham Al-Qasimi

In April 2010, Elham Al-Qasimi will attempt an unassisted and unsupported expedition to the Geographic North Pole. During a three-week journey, Elham will ski cross-country to the North Pole starting at 89 degrees latitude. As a result, she will be the first Arab woman to set foot on the North Pole and the first UAE national to undertake an unassisted unsupported expedition to the North Pole. Download the PDF



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