Wind, snow and water

We woke up to overcast skies, snow and winds around 10mph blowing in from the north. The winds overnight left us a lot of powdery dunes to navigate and I was never more grateful for all the uphill work my trainers put me through.

Wind, snow and water
Water freezing strangely, into a wave

By afternoon, the wind calmed down but had blown countless open leads in our path. I lost count along the way as we skied through slush, crossed ice islands and trusted our guides to help us across the floating bits.

Wind, snow and water
Keith climbing a pressure ridge
Wind, snow and water
Water, water everywhere...

Saw my first sundog which is somewhere between the northern lights and a rainbow. Listened to the ice groan as it moved underneath us.

We skied around ten miles over nine hours and netted eight miles north ground. I am very tired and about to tend to my blisters before crawling into bed.

Everyone is in great spirits and somehow we have all picked up an Italian accent from Andrea, who is normally either singing or throwing his hands up speaking to the One upstairs about his sled flipping sideways for the hundredth time.


  1. Ali. M on

    I’m sure you guys are enjoying the time spending there… good luck!!!

  2. princeabbas2000 on

    r u tellin me, Internets workin in THERE??! nice pics… start tweetin from the ice will ya?! =)

  3. parwana on

    those are beautiful photos,  u are doing great so far , and by letting us know about ur day through the net , is so wonderful.  may allah gives u a lot of energy and good health to finish ur journey safely.  i love u very much and wish u another great day.  ur aunt in kwt.

  4. Wild Peeta on

    U r an inspiration Elham grin

  5. Fatma Alawadhi on

    You go Girrrrrrrrl ! (thumbs up) smile

  6. Abdulla Abbas on

    I wish I was there experiencing what you’ve experienced. One day inshaala smile

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