Stealth polar bear

We had a phenomenal day. Our current location is N89°23′ E113°18′. We lost only 0.8 nautical miles overnight last night which is great, and today we skied 11.5 nautical miles and netted 10, surpassing our 8 mile daily target.

Stealth polar bear
Cold, but happy

With Keith’s help, I figured out a fuelling system that works for my stomach, so I skied with a smile the entire day. But this surely is some seriously hard work. Particularly to take breaks. Breaking for more than five minutes is impossible, and even with a four-minute break, my fingers go numb and ache badly for 15 minutes until my circulation kicks in and warms them up again.

We crossed a couple of open leads today and it was eerie to look down into it, knowing 13,000 feet of Arctic Ocean lay right there, and then hear the edges of the ice crack and fall in under my weight. We also came across some pressure ridges but managed to climb over the ice blocks quickly with a little teamwork.

Stealth polar bear
The camp and the infamous flag

So I’m learning about the great outdoors quite quickly as well. Last night I woke in the middle of the night as nature called, only to hear an alarming ‘qwuish qwuish’ noise outside the tent that, after fervent listening, I concluded might be a stealth polar bear. So I woke Keith up and sign languaged to him to listen to the sound. ‘Is that a polar bear?’ After a couple seconds Keith said, ‘No, it’s the flag,’ and tucked deep into his sleeping bag. Lesson learned. Never wake your exhausted guide up for a flapping flag!

That’s all from me for tonight. Have aches and bruises that need recovering. Bed time.



  1. mohamed mousa on

    wish u the best iam proud of u

  2. Ali. M on

    Wowwwwwwwwww… amazingggg… MashaAllah… doing great… and thank god it wasn’t a polar bear wink... I can imagine how Keith’s emotions would be at that time…

  3. Ahmed Hussein on

    Run Lola Run!  May Allah protect you… May He give you fortitude.. May He return you victorious!

  4. R Godel on

    We wish you clear skiing and a drift towards the Pole.  Uptown High School in Dubai is following your progress.  Stay safe and warm.

  5. josh hannan on

    All of us at LOMAX wish you all the best and we strongly believe that with all the training you have done, you could either choose to out run a polar bear or wrestle it!!!!!
    Either way you woul win!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing more updates


  6. SM on

    Elham! I wish I was there to run out with a torch!!! grin Its lovely to see your photo, that you’re smiling and that your nose is intact! More power and lots of love to you. Loved reading the journal entries

  7. Bashar Atiyat on

    Elham, I congratulate you on TAKING UP THE CHALLENGE, I’m sure you’re up to it, and fit for it, WELL DONE ON THE PROGRESS.
    ALL THE BEST, and keep us posted.
    Looking forward to your safe return.

    PS. Be careful, it gets kinda of cold over there…sometime smile

  8. Dani on

    So proud of you, We are reading your blog everyday. Keep smiling and im sending lots of warm hugs. Love Dani CSPR xx

  9. ym on

    keep up the good work dear elham,  cant wait to see you back at home. we all pray for you.

  10. Sogol Zabihi on

    Proud of you girl !!! Mashallah keep it up smile

  11. Ziad on

    All Arab proud of you Elham ,we all wish u the best and Insha’allah you’ll make it smile


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