We had our first full day skiing. We departed at 9:30am and stopped at 6pm, covering about 10 miles but netting 8.5 miles due to a southwest drift. The wind stopped by late afternoon, so we are hoping not to lose much distance overnight. Last night we lost 0.6 miles overnight, which isn't too bad given the conditions we expected. In total we have skied just under 12 miles so far and netted 9.5.

Happy followers

Today was a day of huge learning about what will define the success of this expedition. The real challenge is nothing like anything I had experienced during my training. My legs are strong, my endurance level is fine, but the cold brings you to your knees faster than you’d imagine, if not managed correctly.

Our sleds

We take a break around every two hours. But it’s impossible to break for more than five minutes without your fingers going numb. So it’s like doing eight straight hours of exercise. At the same time, it’s important to eat enough to fuel the next two hours and keep you warm. I learned this the hard way after reaching an energy low around six hours into the day. Didn’t think I could do another minute. Teamwork, encouragement and cause for laughter led me through the next two hours! Great team.Ice blocks were jetting out from underneath the snow and it looked like blue kryptonite. I found myself looking for Superman on the horizon!

That’s all for now. I must get in my sleping bag and warm up… still shivering with a wet baselayer.



  1. Mohsen Iqbal on

    Keep up the spirit, Remembe Allah, and you will always get success.

    I would like to meet you and congragulate you first after your parents.

    Plz keep it posted all your activities. !!

    Mohsen Iqbal

  2. Ali. M on

    Now this is called the real spirit!

    Wish you all the best!!!

  3. Marian on

    I am totally blown away - can’t wait for the next entries!  Your journal is so much more real than the news reports.

  4. Vincent Peter Boila on

    Well done, i salute the spirit of adventure and the urge to know and discover the unknown. After all very few people get the opportunity to venture beyond their garden walls and walk in the footsteps of Sir David Livingstone.

  5. Susan Cook on

    Fantastic and fascinating - well done that woman - you can do it!

  6. afnan basem al.darwish on

    hey elham i am so happy to read about ur adventure =)
    والله شي صعب هالبرررد الله يعييييييينج وحليلج
    والله انا فخوورة فيج و الله يووفقج يارب و قاعدة اتابعج و و قلت حق كل اهلنا و صديقاتي عنج لأني وايد مستانسة و فخورة فيج
    my mom says hello and we are all so proud of you
    good luck

  7. Keith Samuelson on

    I am a Canadian teacher born and bred in the region of your expedition, presently living in Al Ain. Your courage and initiative is a true inspiration to people all over the world, and to my students at Remah Boys School in particular. We wish you every success and will be following your journey with much anticipation.

    Keith Samuelson

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