For the young ones…

Today was another challenging day on the ice. Even Ian, who normally jumps in the tent saying something like, “Wow, I could've gone on for hours,” conceded this evening. Skied around 9.5 hours and only gained 7.3 true north miles.

For the young ones…
Crack in the ice

Lots and lots of pressure ridges with huge ice blocks ranging in size from a small crate to a Mini Cooper. I wish I’d been able to take more photos to share but today was a constant struggle to keep warm. By 2pm my fingers were still frozen, and I realised it was because my chest was cold which takes priority over the fingers by the body. Under my anorak there was a sheet of frost covering the front of my base layer, which I could do nothing about until camp time.

Overall, we arrived safely. Taylor and I both dipped a boot in the ocean as we crossed open leads but pulled ourselves out quickly. I picked up a little frostbite on my nose which Rick helped fix before it got bad, frostnip on the tips of a few fingers and we all took some spills on the ice and picked up aches and bruises which we are only just starting to feel.

Technically, we are more than halfway there, although no one is saying this out loud as the weather can change at any moment and push us backward, jeopardising our goal. So we continue to work hard and pray for good weather.

I am now eating a yummy quesadilla after downing a big hot chocolate! We have seafood chowder next folllowed by caramelised apples.

For the young ones…
For the young ones…

In some of the hardest moments to keep moving, I thought of the young people PCRF works so hard to help. I thought of the young Ugandans that PEAS helps create livelihoods for.

I am wearing a bracelet that says 90°N signifying my destination. Tejori Gems has kindly designed and manufactured these bracelets at no profit in support of the charities I am doing this expedition in support of. Pick one up if you can and would like to. All proceeds after production cost will be split between the two charities.

Bed time now.



  1. Cathy on

    You are an inspiration to us all Elham! All the best with the rest of your journey smile

  2. Josh Hannan on

    Frost Bite is only a battle scar…..
    Tough it out!!!!!!!!
    Good Job Elham

    u will have great stories to tell!!!!
    Enjoy the yummy quesadilla


  3. Priya on

    So proud of you my love, tracking your every move and thinking of you every day!! x

  4. Ali. M on

    I hope the weather stays good… nice to see pics… enjoy…

  5. Dr Nat Padhiar on

    Dear Elham

    I have been following your progress and it is certainly very impressive, you are natural explorer! Hope your legs are standing up to the rigours of ice and snow.

    Keep well and wish you good health. If you see a polar bear ski fast in the opposite direction!

    Nat Padhiar

  6. Saleh Al Braik on

    An inspiration to us all.

    As a fellow Emirati, you encourage us to not only set higher goals, but to go after them.

    Good luck. We’re praying for you! (Via @FearlessinDubai )

  7. shefali verma-johnson on

    We are all reading your journal daily!! So so proud of you Pookie.. sending you warm warm hugs especially for your 5 minute rest periods.. xxxx

  8. SM on

    Elham - thanks for the lovely updates! Well done on getting half way there - here is hoping the weather behaves itself. Sending you happy, warmth and energy infused thoughts! Much much love always

    PS: - the food sounds yum!

  9. Bader Al Ali on

    Dear Elham

    Best of luck on your accomplishments, hope you have a successful journey, we are all proud of you, you set a perfect example for all of us.

    Best of Luck ,Bader al Ali

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