Blue skies

Late but fantastic start to our journey. We arrived at Borneo Ice Station around 11:30am, unloaded our sleds and picked up fuel.

Blue skies
Not quite JFK International Airport

Borneo was floating around N89°16′ E89°43′, so we had to wait for a helicopter to drop us off at exactly 89°. We finally left Borneo at 5:30pm and landed on the ice around 6pm. We skied 1.3 miles in 1 hour and decided to call it a day at 7pm in order to establish a routine. Weather conditions are beautiful with blue skies, light wind and temperature around -17C.

Blue skies
Andrea thinking of skiing home
Blue skies
Team departs, helicopter took off and we were totally alone

With the good weather I managed to ski and look around and was absolutely blown away by the stunning landscape. I wish I had a picture which did the details justice. It was as though all the sculptors of Europe had been resurrected and brought here to craft the ultimate masterpiece… Except it wasn’t them… Just mother nature… Just the Creator…

My team is composed of two rockstar guides, Keith and Rick, an Italian surgeon, Andrea (the silver fox), Ian, a recently unemployed British gentleman learning the merits of spending his children’s college fund, and Taylor, Rick’s 15 year old son who is opting for real life experience over textbooks.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Early start to our first full day. Bed time.


  1. test your limits team on

    rock on girl

  2. Simo Lhsaini on

    Salaam Elham,

    I am an Arabian Canadian of Moroccan origins. I work as a Professional Personal Trainer part time and a Programmer full time.
    I would like to say that I am very proud of you Elham!!!

    Elham are you on facebook ?

  3. Simo on

    Salaam Elham,

    I just noticed that you are on both Facebook and Twitter.
    Great, I ‘ll add you as a friend keep us up to date…i hope it goes well for you.
    All the best to you and family & keep up the good work Elham bcs you bring us pride smile

  4. Sohail Azhar on

    Go girl!!!!
    Just logged on from a village in Northen Chile and just so excited and pleased for you. we’ll be in -20 conditions ourselves on the salt falts of Bolivia for 3 days so will be thinking of you! Sohail and Shama xx

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