12.3 miles away

Had a phenomenally cool day on the ice. Skies are totally clear, minimal wind and sunshine most of the day. I woke up feeling the aches and bumps today, but half an hour into the trail the excitement kicked in and I let go of the pain in my mind. I managed to keep up with the lead guide most of the day which was fun as I got to understand more about scouting and planning the route which is perhaps the most crucial aspect of success to the journey.

12.3 miles away
Negotiating a fresh lead

The turbulent weather the last couple of weeks left a lot of broken ice and freshly frozen leads which posed a fun challenge to cross. We found a super-wide one, as wide as a highway heading mostly north, slightly northwest which was smooth sailing to ski on the bank of.

But like all good things, we paid the price for it as the lead eventually snaked around and headed west. After about ten minutes we decided to brave it and cross the lead over floaties, which are loose but large pieces of ice that sink into the ocean if you stand on them too long. We skimmed over them like frogs leaping on lily pads.

Every day I learn something more. And every day I learn I am far more capable than I expected.

12.3 miles away
Calling home :)
12.3 miles away
Andrea waiting for ice bear

During the last half hour of skiing, my body lost its ability to regulate temperature. No matter how hard I skied, my body just wouldn’t warm up, which surprised me after such a great day. I arrived at our campsite unable to think about anything other than warming up. My team mates saw this and immediately worked together to warm me up quickly. It was impressive how quickly clothes were pulled over me, a tent was put up and a stove started. I am fine now, but it just goes to show how much you have to listen to your body under extreme circumstances.

For dinner tonight Keith is testing a new creation: polar pizzas – an elegant mix of tomato paste, mixed peppers, red onion, chicken, basil, oregano, pepper, salt, mozzarella, and topped off with reindeer salami.

Gotta go eat now.



  1. Ali. M on

    With the passage of time its seems like you’ve nicely adopted the daily routine and keep yourself ready for the new challenges. I’m sure when you are back there will be hundreds of people waiting for you to tell them the stories…

    With you all the very best… and very very warm hugs for you from all of us…

  2. lulu on

    u r sooo brave
    and my heart is with u
    i loooove u

    ur cousin lolo
    miss u elhaaam

  3. Rahimunnisa on

    mashaallah u are proving that if intention and ambition is there nothing is difficult. I am giveing your example to my Emarati students. May Allah keep you safe.

  4. Priya on

    You are almost there!! Can’t wait for you to feel the thrill of your achievement x

  5. Salma on

    elham!!!!!! these updates are fantastic. And I love the pictures. Keep going, - you’re are on the cusp of achieving so much. Can’t wait to hear all the stories and have you back safe in London. All my love and prayers. Salma

  6. Karabo on

    Go Elham!

  7. diab shammary on

    just cannot wait to read the next day entries, so far your journals are already adding up to be a great book, your intelligent inspiring comments are a strong indication that you will make it to the top of the world, keep going and remember that the hearts and prayers of many of your expidition followers are with you and your wonderful team

  8. Ally on

    Elham you little rocket. Do you remember how unfit we were at the PEAS fun run? Look at you now!  You’re nearly there now hun, keep it going.  I am willing you on with peace, light and love Ally xxx

  9. Farid Haque on

    Elham - mabrook! So proud of you!

  10. mac ali on

    I am really very impressed from you & your spirit. May God bless you always (Ameen)

  11. Ivor Rankin on

    Alf mabrook Ehlam! Allah ye barak feeke

  12. Yoga on

    I saw your program on Aljazeera TV. Great indeed! This indeed is an achievement. Congrats!  Use and capitalize on your celebrity status for a good social cause, maybe a ‘plant more trees’ in UAE program .....Lets try to make this planet green again…
    I was living in Dubai before moving over to Qatar. Baiscally from Chennai. I live the middleeast and it’s people.
    Three cheers to you Elham.  You have made middleeast proud!
    Mrs. Yoga Hassan.

  13. nouna on

    I really feel happy when i see some emartis women do like that . It really make my happy , and i hope in the future go with you there , god save you my sweet heart .

  14. Wajd Al Gurg on

    Thank you for sharing your story , I hope to be as strong as you one day smile

    wajd grade 3

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